History of our company

LONI DEKOR is a business that serves citizens since 2008 until today. It was created with a clear objective to meet the conditions and needs of the customers in the best way and with the most prestigious terms feasible. The first steps started with a small workforce, in limited production facilities, but the will and the great desire to work and meet the market demand pushes us to climb to the top of the business of this profile. During the steps of its growth from day to day, it had to go through many economic and financial crises in order to prevail in the local market and the one outside it and reach where the purpose of creating this business was, at the top of the market and in front of its competition. LONI DEKOR consists of different branches of production of its products such as: Sets, Bedrooms, Kitchens, Doors, Tables from the most diverse, Hallway Cabinet and many accessories that are needed for your home to have the most comfortable environment. . As a furniture company our priority is using high-quality material and first-class products in order to be as close as possible to the customer and their needs. Sincerely,